Children’s clothing stores to master the operating skills

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now, the children’s clothing market is welcomed by many entrepreneurs, and many entrepreneurs have embarked on the road to prosperity, a bright future. So, do you know what skills to open children’s clothing stores to master it? The correct analysis of the market situation, grasp the good management methods, in order to get more profits.

for children’s clothing to join this one, the first two months of consultation to join is not much, more likely just to ask, there is no special intention to join. If the time goes on for a month, then that is May, we all know that in May is also a children’s children’s day in a month, there will be a relatively large sales.

we store location from the start: now there is a situation that is very much a part of transfer someone store, then there would appear a possibility of relatively large, may also support a few days to move out. This is involved in the two time, looking for a store, then talk to each other with the price of time, in general, this time at least ten days or even longer.

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Chongqing women’s balcony fall death shangxue baluster bottom corrosion

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during the cold wave, many of the areas in China did not often snow also ushered in snow, ushered in the masses watch. But also to Caution! Shangxue, recently a woman in Chongqing because of the balcony fall death shangxue.

23, Chongqing, a 50 year old middle-aged woman leaning against the fence shangxue in their own balcony, suddenly broken railings, the railings and women together from 24 crashes after the unfortunate death of the matter, triggering hot. 24, said the Jiulongpo District of Chongqing City Public Security Bureau, railing severe corrosion unbearable pressure on women’s body after the fracture is the main reason for dropping dead, the woman is really accidental death.

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Do a small business choose gold incense edge cans can be good

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golden edge of the tank can be very popular in the market, if you want to do snacks business can choose this project, the headquarters of the strength of protection, so that you can easily start, you can not miss the good choice to get rich. If you don’t know much about this food product, contact us for more information.

gold sweet edge cans can be a variety of delicious rice noodles, people eat also want to eat. Jin Xiang edge cans of rice noodles have exclusive cooking style secret system, mellow, authentic original ecology, so that people memorable. Rice noodle shop in which to operate? To join the gold edge of the pot can be either in the street, shopping malls, near the station and other places, can operate to make money!

golden sweet edge cans can be rich in nutrition, delicious and unique, attracting a steady stream of consumers. After the careful study of several years, the combination of a variety of Chinese herbal medicine, the secret made into the bag, the soup out of the smooth and refreshing, at the same time, also fully retained the nutritional value of food. So where is suitable for the operation of rice noodle shop as long as people move around the place can operate.

gold edge of the tank can be very famous in the industry, is the industry leader. Through the introduction of small series believe that you already know what is suitable for the operation of the rice noodle shop! Golden margin can be a very distinctive snack, won the favor of many consumers and recognition.

gold conjugalbed tank vermicelli making characteristic delicacy, so if you want to lead a person to endless aftertastes, reassuring delicious then quickly to contact us, the headquarters will provide material and technical support operations, so you can easily start, do small business projects can obtain high profits.

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Business consultant to share with you to spread the University asked

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you can not look down upon the stall, there can be a great learning! Recently, Chongqing netizen summed up the stall "ten cheats" buddies stunned, she not only analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of various vendor products, also summarizes the valuable experience from preparatory to the final sale.

11 11, netizen "hot world" in Chongqing in a forum posting, not only analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of various vendor products, summed up the purchase from the preparatory to, to the final sale with ten ". The post out, just two days to attract nearly ten thousand clicks.

Entrepreneurship must read Chinese snacks list

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many people like to do snack business, fancy is China’s 1 billion 300 million consumer market, while the Chinese people are also favored for snacks. So what snacks to join the business worth operating? Food and beverage franchisee must see the list of Chinese snacks in this.

join preferred snack free fly ash smokeless barbecue, heat radiation structure design unique not only the traditional grilled flavor to the extreme, and the amount of carbon savings of 50%, is currently a common mode of joining street snacks.

are now sold, Lidengkequ, convenient and quick! Variety, strong visibility: hot dog roll, chicken incense coil, a variety of flavors for customers to choose the most special snack, quick snack to join.


dough after adding sugar, made of round shape, and then fried yellow, delicious cookies made. Before the cookie fillings only but also recently added sugar, peanut, pine nuts such as taste very sweet, I believe you can not resist the temptation! And add pizza sauce and cheese pizza cookies, cookies and other low calorie diet


is not Guangdong people eat beef offal, around the practice of diversity, halogen, beef offal, beef offal Hot pot cattle recommended

What is the requirement to join the sofeco steak

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steak to join the project choose the brand, do not know what a good editorial recommendation sofeco steak for you. To learn about the brand, may be able to bring you an unexpected surprise. So how about this brand? Xiaobian for which a key to introduce.

Shanghai sofeco Catering Management Co., the company’s own brand sofeco steak, steak, coffee sofeco home Olympic Club, Hong Kong style fresh cooked Hot pot; in 2006 by the Huasheng Group was founded in 2010 the company will brand operation center moved to Shanghai at the same time, the establishment of the Shanghai sofeco food Cci Capital Ltd, invested heavily in open straight battalion to build a large central kitchen and distribution center of chain flagship stores, chain stores, the protection of the national unified management standards. Currently in Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shandong, Guizhou, Anhui, Chongqing and other provinces have been successy opened chain stores, is committed to building the national Western-style food industry new direction, leading the new Chinese steak culture, so what is the condition to join sofeco steak?

sofeco steak to join what conditions need to be met?

housing requirements

1, area: use area 200-500 square

2, floor: preferably on the first floor or the same plane if the store is located on the two floor, the first floor need to have an independent facade

3, advertising signs: requirements for a prominent advertising signs location, the bigger the better

4, housing display surface and visibility good

5, parking spaces: at least 10-15 or more parking spaces near the parking lot

6, lease: Lease period is better than 5 years

7, water supply in more than 20 tons

8, capacitance of about 80-120 kilowatts in

9, gas flow at 15 cubic meters per hour

10, stores need to have sewage, exhaust pipe, the best can be incorporated into the smoke well.

11, it is best to have more than 3 months of free decoration period

location and surrounding environment requirements

1, the main

business building

2, hotel, hotel one or two or near

3, local business walk

Fujian to increase the intensity of the transfer of the old liberated areas

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due to the geographical location of each region is not the same, different characteristics, resulting in regional economic development there are differences. In order to promote the sound and rapid development of economy, it is necessary to develop coordination and accelerate the economic development of backward areas.

reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, to help the old villagers out of poverty, in recent years, our province has increased on the transfer of old Soviet pay subsidies in 2015, issued a total of 844 million yuan subsidy funds, growth of 20.3% over the previous year, this year has been issued in advance the transfer payment of 490 million yuan of funds.

it is understood that the province currently identified by the old village 8435, accounting for the total number of villages in the province’s total of 51%. Due to historical and natural conditions and other reasons, the old village economic and social development level compared with the province there is a certain gap, some people living in the old village is still relatively difficult. According to the policy of our province, the provincial poverty alleviation and development focus of the village in the old village to account for more than 70%.

2004 years, the province’s four round of provincial poverty alleviation and development focused on the village of a total of 892, of which the old village of 711, accounting for 79.71%. Under the implementation of the old village of the Provincial Department of the village, the village cadres in the village, funds bundled and other comprehensive measures to focus on the implementation of a number of infrastructure, specialty industries, ecological construction, livelihood projects. To 2015, the province’s 52 counties (cities, districts) in the arrangements for the central budget investment, in accordance with the implementation of the policy of the western region.

this year, the provincial Civil Affairs Department of the fourth round of the provincial poverty alleviation and development focus of the village construction project priority Rural happiness hospital special funds for each province will focus on poverty alleviation and development of the village of the old village, from the old poverty alleviation funds given to more than 1 projects to support each project according to the standard of not less than 100 thousand yuan of subsidies.

the Fujian province to support the development of poverty-stricken areas to help promote economic development in poor areas, so as to promote the overall economic development of Fujian province.

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The advantage of investment exceeds customer Hamburg

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for pizza hut burger restaurants business success, which makes a lot of burger business are competing to imitate the natural market a lot of what guest burger better what emerge in an endless stream, super hamburger, hamburger and so on Beck guest. Today we focus on the super fast food brand.

super Hamburg headquarters through professional customer service experts, , telephone and other means of uninterrupted business guidance, even if you are a thousand miles away, you can feel the headquarters of your comprehensive care. The headquarters of entrepreneurial consultants to assist you in accurate analysis of investment plans, tailored for you a part of your investment plan and a set of marketing strategy, is to join the good brands to join, so super burger joined off what?

how about a super burger? What are the advantages? And what support? See the following specific details:

join advantage:

1, create Chinese brand.

super Hamburg, combined with the advantages of Chinese and Western fast food, loved by the majority of consumers.

2, unique technology, with the learning.

technology is simple, one to one teaching, to ensure that the super hamburger franchisees that will be learning.

3, taste diversity, wide demand.

not only western style hamburger, Chinese fast food, to meet the different tastes of different groups of people, fried chicken products, chicken rice flower, Orlean grilled wings, Hong Kong style drinks…… Super burger store for you to choose.

4, mass price, high profit.

our price is based on the market price of different cities to develop, to ensure that the super Hamburg franchisee profits, improve product margins, so that you return as soon as possible, as soon as possible to make money.

join support:

1, assist site selection and evaluation

assist ultra passenger franchisee fieldwork to Hamburg seek location, evaluate the feasibility of the shop. Through the region, business district, customer survey to provide turnover estimates, operating profit and loss estimates and other information for the franchisee reference.

2, regional protection:

super Hamburg merchants headquarters will strictly control the number and quality of franchise and franchisee, and establish a complete price control system and policies.


What the gongnongbing tieguoduncai whole

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is now more popular with consumers, who are the ones who make healthy food by steaming, stewing and boiling. This is because everyone cater to consumer demand for health, of course, today this brand recommended is related to this, it is gongnongbing tieguoduncai.


gongnongbing tieguoduncai? Gongnongbing tieguoduncai OK? Gongnongbing tieguoduncai brand:

gongnongbing tieguoduncai is from Shanxi’s traditional food culture, with traces of revolutionary history as the theme of the restaurant, to carry forward the characteristics of mountain to carry forward the revolutionary spirit of responsibility, from food to decoration style, staff clothing, room names do reflect the culture of 70s. Remember the history of the revolution, promote mountain features, gongnongbing nutrition and health, green food and homemade soup, to build the new food culture banner, interpretation of the reunion of the classic humanities.

gongnongbing tieguoduncai in Shanxi area from Shanxi to carry forward, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Anhui, Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Hubei, Hunan, Shenzhen City, now has 8 outlets, cooperation 68 stores, has repeatedly been rated as "the best known diet shop", "green health food enterprises".

gongnongbing tieguoduncai is similar to the stew and stew are fundamentally different. It is composed of eight mature meat and fresh vegetables featured optional, add seasoning composed of 40 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine secret and more than 100 years of soup stew made. Is the best green food, in the course of feeding the human body needs iron, but also an important feature is that the pot does not put salt. Recent scientific research on excessive consumption of salt in the body is very harmful to the body, especially those with hypertension and diabetes.

gongnongbing tieguoduncai another one, Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings cake. Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings cake is made of high quality flour, dough made by master face no small Steamed Buns, plus five spice powder, put in after 15 minutes of fire stew, the Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings big at the same time in a meat dish with unique fragrance flavor, the other is a must, is also a symbol of unity and reunion.


above is the gongnongbing tieguoduncai brand introduction, if you are on the brand and what other problems need to know, please leave a comment below consultation on our website. After seeing the message, we will arrange for staff to contact you.

Snow Wei Le cream good investment projects – good business

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both men and women, for the delicious ice cream is very difficult to resist. There is no doubt that the ice cream market development space. The best choice for small business, snow music Wei ice cream? High quality brand, worthy of trust!

according to modern people’s eating habits for ice cream, the target population is not only young people, children also love to eat ice cream. This shows that the development of ice cream ice cream market is huge, what are you waiting for, together with the big step into the kingdom of the kingdom of snow Yue bar!

snow ice cream Wei Le dedicated to fresh and healthy taste to bring customers better, the broader market to join, only to allow customers to taste the taste of the original ice cream snow Wei Le, also let franchisees see ice cream market is a very good prospect of unlimited project, snow Wei Le ice cream with the strength to speak.

ice cream is an ancient dessert, ice cream is a delicious career. From the point of view of consumption, the seasonal characteristics of ice cream is gradually weakened, increasingly becoming popular popular fashion leisure food, from the past cool and refreshing summer into the enjoyment of seasonal consumption.

snow Wei Le have good support stand, snow ice cream by Wei Le "output of the entire shop" franchise model, from the site store renovation, equipment and materials procurement, transportation logistics and distribution to staff training, store management, brand promotion, 360° comprehensive support to the franchisee, improve store profit ability to quickly recover the capital, to achieve "win-win".

now, the market has been very hot. Successful entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. How about joining the ice cream? Good project, join the choice, the advantage is obvious. Good to join the project, not to be missed, you are still hesitant what?