Turn style, North let a person shine

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"that’s a good thing." In the north of the city of Beichuan Xining River community, an old man issued a sigh. What did the old man say?

originally, in January 22nd, the community three noes elderly Cui Fuxing due to myocardial infarction died of his wounds, when everyone is in the old things to worry about, North District Civil Affairs Bureau after hearing the news, immediately for the old man’s funeral busy. For death procedures, settlement of medical expenses, cancellation of accounts, cremation remains…… Civil Affairs Bureau of this move, so that community residents are truly feel the transformation of government work style, won the praise of the residents.

said change work style, improve the style, from the north area of the wind will shift and other aspects of the development of specific provisions, change the past the door hard, ugly face, so ugly, difficult to deal with the bad habits of organs.

turn style, from the start

once electricity, a drop of water, a piece of paper…… In the north of the city district government building, the "long light" not long, "tighten long water faucet, if people leave the computer will shutdown, file can email email, can call the telephone notification, walk less than three Station Road, and set up a thorough investigation group, with understanding of the implementation regulations the.

now you can not see the chat together, playing online games, watching the movie scene, not only that, other bad habits will also disappear in the government sector." North District Office official said. Reporters found that in the past the end of the tea is filled with paper cups, and now, the new ceramic cups instead. In order to really start from scratch, the office has eliminated the disposable paper cups, the purchase of disinfection machines and ceramic cups, both saving and environmental protection.

in addition to promote conservation office, Chengbei district also provides streamline meetings and conferences, serious discipline go, simplify the reception work, strictly control the quantity, improving the quality of documents, strengthen the management of vehicles, the effectiveness is received late and leave early phenomenon, the meeting when everyone speak briefly, tell the truth.

from the petition to the visit

is the more than and 40 year old Qiao Hongwei Seongbuk a laid-off worker, he and his wife many years of illness, children in high school, the pressure of life is very big, but enthusiastic community welfare he didn’t want to ask the government for money, in his words, "who was laid off, but the spirit can not be laid off". North of the city to understand the situation, the organization of cadres into the home of Qiao Hongwei, and to help him contact public positions.

"style of a turn, flowers, fruits, cigarettes disappeared, gathering will be cancelled, the party, in recognition of all simple, save a lot of money." So, where did the money go? Leaders do not participate in the celebration, ribbon, etc., and what to do? The name of the person in charge, said the money to spend on the blade, spent in the place where it is most needed, only the leading cadres to the grassroots level, deep into the people’s home, in order to form an interactive, grasp the real situation.

indeed, the activities of funds into a condolence payments, access to major activities;

Environmental protection departments to carry out on-site verification of the implementation of envi

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Recently, the provincial Environmental Protection Department of the Qinghai Tibet Railway Xining to Golmud section of the second line of environmental protection projects to carry out the implementation of the second phase of the project verification

recently, the provincial Environmental Protection Department of the Qinghai Tibet Railway Xining to Golmud section of the second line of environmental protection projects to carry out the implementation of the second phase of the project verification. The main construction of the project in the soil, reclaimer is standard, the recovery of discarded soil field, road construction, construction site construction land ecological, railway through the urban noise sensitive buildings take preventive measures such as the verification of noise.

Xining and Haiyan section, there is no sound barrier construction section of Qilian Road, Huangyuan, Garbo ditch slag field for incomplete complex soil and ecological restoration, flood control ditch by slag blockage, Huangshui River tunnel exit slag field, Ba Yan Xia No. three tunnel outlet slag field, residue field without Shi Zui ecological restoration. The slag retaining wall is not fully completed, the Huangyuan Railway Station sewage treatment facilities are not built and other issues, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau proposed rectification requirements of the Qinghai Tibet Railway company.



Harbor two red cross joint cooperation

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March 5th, the Qinghai Red Cross, the Hongkong Red Cross Yushu earthquake disaster relief capacity building project cooperation agreement signing ceremony held in our city. The two sides signed the Yushu earthquake follow-up project disaster preparedness and mitigation capacity building cooperation agreement, involving funding of 10 million yuan. This marks the Hongkong Red Cross and the Qinghai Red Cross in the field of humanitarian services into a new stage.  

North of Xining City, the first sewage treatment station trial run

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as one of the Baoziwan town in 2012 the north area of the contiguous rural environment remediation demonstration project construction project Jin Jia Wan Sewage Treatment Station of the main project completed before the installation in place all sewage treatment facilities, the construction workers are on the final commissioning of equipment. The project put into operation in August 12th, is expected by the end of September officially put into operation.

for the proper treatment of rural domestic sewage, make the rural economy sustainable development, at the beginning of March this year, North District, a total investment of 1 million 290 thousand yuan of Jin Jia Wan Sewage Treatment Station officially started construction. Design scale of 150 cubic meters of sewage treatment, the main collection of villagers living in the village of Jin wan. To collect the sewage, after oxidation precipitation treatment, the summer will be directly used for Jin Jia Wan Park ecological agricultural wood fruit and vegetable irrigation, winter will be stored for the next summer.

According to

Jin Jia Wan Sewage treatment station responsible for the completion of the project, Jin Jia Wan 230 villagers will end the history of sewage treatment emissions. At the same time, Jin Jia Wan Sewage Treatment Station was completed and put into operation, can prevent the rural domestic sewage treatment emissions, improve the ecological environment in rural areas, will build the sewage treatment station has a good reference to other villages. (author: Rong Lijun)

Construction of grassroots organizations in the north of the city to show new features

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north areas to "chuangxianzhengyou" and a new round of "grassroots organizations," five good "grass-roots party organizations to create activities as the starting point, based on the actual situation of seeking a breakthrough, highlighting the characteristics of practice, constantly enrich and deepen the construction of grass-roots party organizations, construction of grass-roots party organizations significantly.

National Ministry of housing and urban construction inspection team to inspect and guide the managem

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From March 11, 2011 to March 12th, led by the deputy director of the State Department of housing and urban and Rural Planning Management Center Deputy Director Liu Jiafu, China Zoo Association Office Xia Qi special inspection group in Northwest China zoo, accompanied by the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction and Forestry Bureau of the office of the director of Wang Zhichuan under the leadership of the Xining wild zoo, animal feeding and management the cage, safety, disease prevention, tourist service facilities construction work carried out a comprehensive inspection

2011 from March 11th to March 12th, led by the deputy director of the State Department of housing and urban and rural planning management center Liu Jiafu, deputy director of the office of the special Chinese Zoo Association Xia Qi northwest zoo inspection group, accompanied by the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction department Wang Zhichuan long forestry bureau and relevant leaders, the Xining wild zoo animal feeding and management, disease prevention, safety cage, tourist service facilities construction work carried out a comprehensive inspection.

inspection group listened carefully to the Xining wild zoo work report, see the park management, animal ingredients, animal health and other facilities, focus on understanding the animal safety management, environmental enrichment, animal animal welfare, animal nutrition, animal disease prevention, rationing and other aspects of the situation. The inspection group fully affirmed the Xining wild zoo in animal welfare, animal nutrition, animal safety management and other aspects of the work, and hope that in the future the zoo departments at all levels of government, under the leadership of support, to further strengthen the management of animal husbandry, and constantly improve the management level, to ensure that the zoo development towards a more scientific, more secure, more healthy the direction, make greater contribution to the city landscape construction in Xining city.



000 businessmen gathered in Qinghai

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vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Luo Huining jointly launched the opening. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng opening speech. Deputy Minister of industry and information technology Mao Weiming speech. Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Luo Yulin presided over the opening ceremony. Provincial CPPCC Chairman Ren Qing Jia, the leadership of vice secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun and Xining provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial government, the provincial CPPCC; the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other ministries and the city of Beijing, Tianjin and other provincial leaders and central enterprises, multinational companies and other responsible persons attended the opening type.

Hao Peng said in his speech, this green fair in Qinghai to deepen reform, strive to create new situation of "three zone" held, we have a common desire is through innovation and opening, the major exhibitions, academic forums and international competitions are integrated, further highlight the green development cycle the economy, the theme, to further expand the ways to deepen cooperation and seek common development, deal with the complicated and changeable environment, promote economic quality and efficiency, accelerate the transformation of development mode, a new way to resource rich and ecologically fragile area of scientific development. This Green Fair has many central enterprises, large private enterprises, foreign enterprises have the number of participants, for the first time exceeded 10 thousand people, to further expand the scale; simultaneously held the first electric vehicle challenge lake, additional information and energy-saving environmental protection industry exhibition, the whole industry chain shows broad prospects for solar energy industry, held a number of prospective high-end forum activities open up a fresh outlook; concentrated signing a number of involving new energy and new materials in the fields of large projects, good projects, fully display the achievements of economic and trade.

Hao Peng said that today’s Qinghai, the emergence of various business opportunities, broad prospects for development, sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad into Qinghai, Qinghai, Qinghai. We will adhere to the principle of mutual benefit, with the greatest sincerity, take the most effective measures to optimize the development environment, to provide quality and efficient services, the exchanges and cooperation in various fields to a new stage, Qinghai has become fertile ground for investment.

Mao Weiming said in his speech, Qinghai is an important area in the northwest of China, the Qinghai provincial government to lead the people of all ethnic groups, to seize the opportunity of the west development project, a comprehensive focus on deepening reform, strive to create "three areas", the comprehensive construction well-off society strategic task, aiming to create Qinghai economy, great beauty of Qinghai, the people’s livelihood to improve the three "upgrade" goals, achieve rapid and healthy development of economic society. Today, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council proposed to build the Silk Road Economic Zone, an important strategy for the development of Qinghai to bring a new round of major;

Construction of sunshine price network Xining to take directional precise price control

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Constructing the "sunshine price net" to form stable price Huimin oriented, good job this winter and spring vegetables transported to ensure effective supply, strictly control the policy adjustment project…… Recently, the Xining municipal government held a special meeting for stable prices, according to the Municipal Insurance for price stability requirements, based on objective analysis of the current city price situation, from the aspects of standardize the order of price and price behavior, strengthen market supervision, to a stage of the precise directional regulation of insurance for price stability the main measures carried out the arrangements.

in Huimin convenience in one centralized collection released major urban supermarkets, markets, market price information, price increase information transparency, increase the consumer’s right to know, right to choose, right of supervision, so as to guide the rational allocation of resources, reduce the circulation, to establish a standard order of price and price behavior, form the guide the role of stabilizing huimin. Sunshine price network will be on the line in early next year.

forms none other discounts to meet consumer

to community consumption construction convenient integrated service center, play the guiding role of the market. At the same time, the selection of agricultural products has been completed and verified parity store, will be in good condition at the present stage of the agricultural and sideline products store parity for the city’s community shopping convenience service centers integrated stores.

implementation of government subsidy limit

Effective implementation of equalization of basic public health services in Xining

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promoting the equalization of basic public health services is one of the key tasks of deepening the reform of the medical and health system. In promoting health care reform, for the full implementation of this work, the Municipal Health Bureau to establish the evaluation system of basic public health services to the number of services, service quality, service effect and satisfaction of residents as the main index, the annual organization of health services in the city of grassroots organizations to implement two comprehensive evaluation. Judging from the end of the results, the city’s basic public health service projects have been effectively implemented.