Do business to be able to engage in the operation of the mind

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is now a lot of people do business is to open a shop waiting for customers to come home, and not to say that the competition is so fierce, the consumer’s selectivity is too large. Just such a business attitude, I am afraid there is no way to make the business booming shop. My shop is located in the village’s busiest street, is the largest daily traffic business street. At the time of the new store, I deliberately left a rectangular space at the door, it was for their own parking convenience.

did not expect, now put in great use. Every morning I open the door, I will greet the salesman selling goods to the ground, put a beautiful and eye-catching style, by a clerk responsible for watching stand on the ground all day long, to explain the propaganda to passing consumers, and let customers enjoy free fresh and new food store, in order to attract customers stopped. Increase in popularity.

is a village in the early autumn of vegetable varieties most of the time, their home cost is very low, my mother do the characteristics of salad vegetables attracted consumers, so we in the promotion bar promise to consumers into the store to buy goods to a certain amount, send a special cold dishes, buy more amount in proportion, get cold food will be increased, and from Monday to Sunday bianzhuohuayang.

this way, consumers in order to get a free salad, a one-time purchase some goods, buy some food such as steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, Steamed Buns like, have a meal is fix. Stay in front of the store on the site of the customer, some "conformity" passers-by would stop and look at the wall unable to restrain the emotions, advertising, consulting on display in the shop outside of goods, and even into the store to buy the necessary goods, which lead to the popularity, but also stimulating the store sales of goods.

village is famous for the local scale planting vegetable village, at a time when the vegetable harvest season, the village to daduangong people as a potential customer is not a small number. I want a frugal and practical way to use A4 paper to print out of the store business projects, business telephone, QQ, micro signals and other information, will be sent to the scale of emission or leaflets to passers home growers.

new customers as long as the store QQ and WeChat, with an identity card can be purchased twenty percent off copies of any hot selling goods. When consumers call, send QQ, WeChat order, regardless of the level of profits, I will be as soon as possible to the consumer goods. I remember a few days ago, a customer called to ask the three lighters, his wife received a phone call to me complained: "the business of $three, less than five cents profit, it is worth sending?"

I laugh: "businesses can not break." This electric car ride without hesitation to lighters for customers, did not expect the customer in the end will not only test our delivery to the field. Take the strike

China’s mobile phone industry development model drawbacks

China’s electricity supplier continues to be staged in the war, the electricity supplier giant dispute endlessly, just eleven, a lot of people do not realize the struggle between the mobile phone brand is also unusually fierce. The domestic mobile phone industry is on a new path of reform, and its drawbacks must also be pointed out.

With the collapse of the

mentions the development of the mobile phone industry Chinese mode, and Chinese intelligent mobile phone market due to the global slowdown this year, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers in order to maintain market share, once again focused on the thousand machines, this year many manufacturers from the conference, the main products are thousand yuan models remarkable. LETV, 360 and other Internet companies into the mobile phone market, in the fierce competition at the same time, not only further under the pressure of intelligent mobile phone prices, even at the cost of mobile phone sales, and as their own unique competitiveness.

The result is

Smile can usher in a good reputation – a of shops

is now the owner of the retail stores are aware of the importance of a good reputation for the development of the store, however, reputation is a step by step out of the. How to be able to create a better reputation for the shop, which has become a lot of shopkeepers worry about things. As a retail customer, Zhang Hong has a deep understanding of this point, and insist on smiling hospitality, so as to create a very good reputation shop.

Zhang Hong’s retail store in the south of Huaian City People’s road, only around the department store business there are 10 households, the competition is fierce. But Zhang Hong can stand out and have to admire. When asked about Zhang Hong’s business, he said, in order to leave a good reputation, you have to have hard work, first of all, the customer should take the initiative, enthusiasm.

is not to say, "people have no smiling face.". This is a retail customer service as the most basic conditions, but also to narrow the distance between consumers and an important way. The attitude of the customer hot and cold, is to leave their first impression, the first impression is good, the greater the probability of business transactions, and vice versa.

a road of discourse, the reporter could not help but repeatedly nod. No matter which consumers, to your store to buy things, if you see a cold face, love kind of ignore the way, they will buy your stuff? Zhang Hong also told reporters: "the customer enthusiasm is not only reflected in a smile, but also come from the language of care, care for them, take them as a friend and confidant, and not always only consider their own interests of customers to deceive customers blandishments, only in this way, they buy the next time you can think of goods."

then he said things happened in last year, that is July day in late afternoon, two drunken customers to buy a bag of soft Chinese cigarettes, lit the fire and smoke two or three mouth, the thin man put the cigarette thrown out the customer on the ground, but also on the side he said: "you are honest look, you are selling counterfeit cigarettes!" I smiled and said: "boss, you are not misunderstood? My cigarettes are sent to the tobacco companies, the quality is absolutely guaranteed!"

looked at me not admit the counterfeit cigarettes, thin man staring red eyes said loudly: "I smoked the smoke than you see, you still quibble!" Finish saying, the bag that pack cigarette is thrown to my face, and still want to begin the appearance. In this case, I still lose smile. Looking at the two people I love and my appearance, quickly called the area of the inspection team and the manager’s phone.

after 10 minutes, the inspection team and customer manager Liu Liang Sun Huaizhong arrived in time, in carey identified after they were the two customers said: "this is absolutely genuine cigarette smoke, and the US tobacco companies recently.

450 million venture capital loans is no longer a problem

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4.5 million venture loans, so much a dream in youth and give up the dream because of the money problem, this awesome entrepreneurial support policies, but also promote the innovation and entrepreneurship, which can solve the employment problem of society, promote the economic development of better.


450 million loans to support entrepreneurship

2015, the city vigorously implement the college graduates start to lead the program, the cumulative new issuing small loans 2 billion 382 million yuan, the new venture of 126 thousand and 100 people, the city was awarded the "national advanced city business". In order to promote entrepreneurship employment, in 2016, the Municipal Social Council will be expected to issue 450 million yuan of small loans secured by the year, adding a new venture of 25 thousand people, led by the employment of 110 thousand people.

social security

pension five years rose 1052 yuan

to continue to improve the pension standard

2015, the city completed the merger of urban and rural residents pension insurance system in advance, the first implementation of serious illness insurance system for urban residents, expansion of social insurance and additional 4 million 193 thousand and 200 people, basically built the framework of social security system covering urban and rural areas. 2016, the annual net increase of 350 thousand social insurance coverage, social security comprehensive coverage of up to 98%.

2015, enterprise retirees realize "five years even the adjustment of floating, monthly per capita pension increased from 1268 yuan to 2320 yuan, basic old-age insurance pension for urban and rural residents to achieve" 3 tone ", from 2012 monthly average of 100 yuan per person to 180 yuan, the level of social insurance benefits from lower than the provincial level jumped to 10 former deputy provincial city. 2016, the city council will implement differentiated pension adjustment, the basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents will be recommended by the pension fund 180 per person per month

Do business with every detail

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products in the end is good, the service is in place, which in many cases are only reflected in the details of the product above it. Recently, a friend to travel to Korea, the author brought back a few Korean cosmetics. After a trial mask, I have a different feeling. Not in the same place? This mask is equivalent to down a 4.5 yuan, the price is not high, but the use of a small intimate details make people have the feeling of value for money, because this paper mask deposited into the face mask after unlike some of the other would drop down essence.

through this piece of 4.5 yuan mask, I feel the refinement of an enterprise product design concept. A mask deposited on the face after the drop of liquid, will certainly bring inconvenience to consumers, so the need for designers to accurately calculate the number of non-woven cloth on each piece of paper soaked in the appropriate nutrient solution. Move the mind, under the effort, consumers will be able to feel. Such a small detail, I do not know how many consumers will be satisfied with the heart.

in the traditional concept, it seems that the more expensive the product will pay more attention to the details and quality of the product, cheap goods will not be so natural, cheap cheap truth! After using this mask of 4.5 yuan, I have a little change in the concept of.

even if it is only a few dollars to sell a small commodity, but also in the details of the design considerations, to give consumers a comfortable feeling. Business is no small matter, then the matter is small, but also to be treated with care, the value of goods is no longer so important, behind the refraction of the attitude and attitude of mind enough to impress consumers. Intentions, there will be awe of things, there is a prudent attitude, the spirit of the study, there are high standards and strict requirements; do not mind, but just scrape together, can go on the line.

Compared to

, the results of the two are very different. Intentions, is an attitude. We often hear the expression of an advertising slogan is: "this is our dedication to the sincerity of consumers." Intentions, is not full of sincerity in the question of meaning?

so, if we want to make their products, to make their services get more recognition, you need to put more attention on the details of the above, it can obtain higher recognition, development and make our business better. So, we need to do business to treat every detail oh.

Analysis of the reasons for the failure of entrepreneurship

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for entrepreneurs, not only to how to start a successful business, but also to analyze why the venture will fail, learn from the experience of failure, in order to lay the foundation for the next success. Why entrepreneurship will fail? What are the main reasons for the failure? Small series this is your analysis.



our local retail shop where the district general lack of popularity, into the store rate is insufficient, if activities are in order to improve the turnover rate and sales performance, without considering to enhance customer into the store, so even if there is no extensive sales skills and activities without discount, the customer into the store, and turnover by what?


What is the name of

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Franchise five trick authenticity

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XX project since its inception, praise constantly, consumers like, the product sold crazy, the franchisee to make a crazy……" "Investment 10 thousand, millions of years into!" "people" to join the advertisement let Liu Tianrong excited, found in a friend that Shi Xiaotian’s experience, seemingly "money king bright franchise to hide a lot of trap. Join the success of the project selection is essential, in addition to avoid traps, but also for their own choice, the market demand for the brand.

drain trap

"shop for half a year, very few customers every day, at a loss, rent, utilities, labor is money, I have not carried on." Six months ago, Shi Xiaotian saw an ad, no risk, high return, 10 in case of change in the year 1 million!


all is not that well, business is very quiet. Shi Xiaotian anxious, again and again to call the company headquarters, staff always excuses, refused to come to guide. Finally, the stone back to join the fee, so that the company compensation for losses. The company took the franchise contract, which had no profit commitment, there is no refund compensation agreement, Shi Xiao Tian dumb, bitter herbs.

An ice cream stores profit tips

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ice cream store is a good choice, but consumers are gradually aware of the phenomenon of the industry more serious homogenization, if you still use the old model is difficult to stand out. If you want to get a new space for development, you can make some changes from what? To provide some reference for small, hope can help you easily create wealth.



collocation promotion

Business Hours adjustmentTo observe the characteristics of

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90 after the guy selling frozen cake to resign Entrepreneurship

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entrepreneurs have their own entrepreneurial story today is about a Sichuan 90 boy’s experience, he decided to resign in pioneering work soon, opened a frozen cake Danleng snack bar, now on the turnover of 1000 yuan, a good income.

but not closing "working with

intends to resign entrepreneurship initiation guy

2010, Zhou Jiajun has just entered the University, the choice of financial insurance professionals. His idea was: financial professionals to help their future venture. Zhou Jiajun’s family is not wealthy, his father in the factory to work, the mother in the countryside to plant fruit trees, so during the University of Zhou Jiajun desperately to make money, do a variety of part-time.


for delicacyThe introduction of

hometown specialty frozen cake

in the city shuttle, or in a hurry, leisurely worth mentioning, Zhou Jiajun has been deeply in love with here, especially the small Hot pot, spicy entrance. He found his hometown is no small authentic Hot pot Danleng like this, so he had the idea back to Suining Hot pot danleng. The sophomore during the summer vacation, he returned to find a small Hot pot Danleng market has been first introduced.

Although the introduction of

Anhui migrant workers return home entrepreneurship in Fuyang

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now because the entire entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial government policy is excellent, so also attracted many migrant workers returning home actively carry out a series of entrepreneurial activities, such entrepreneurial activity has attracted many people’s attention.

eighteen, new urbanization is defined as the China economic growth engine in the next 20 years. In early 2015, the national development and Reform Commission and other 11 departments jointly issued the national new urbanization pilot program, proposed to Anhui, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities such as Ningbo as a comprehensive pilot area 62.

has a population of 10 million 580 thousand in Fuyang city of Anhui province is the most populous cities as of the end of 2014, the urbanization rate is only 37%, behind the Anhui average of 12 percentage points behind the national average of 17 percentage points. Such a large population of agricultural city how to promote the construction of new urbanization? Recently, the China business reporter at the Sina Gold Kirin Forum on the interview with the CPC Fuyang Municipal Committee Secretary Yu Yong.

business stimulating employment of migrant workers returning home

"Chinese business": Anhui is one of the two pilot provinces of new urbanization in China, and Fuyang is Anhui’s largest agricultural big city, what do you think of the new urbanization of this work?

in Yong: I am very glad to see a central working conference of the new town, I personally think that the new urbanization work conference is the about 10000000 people of Fuyang open. Because the new urbanization is put forward to solve the "three one hundred million", "one hundred million is the first to promote the transfer of agricultural population settled in the town", Fuyang now has about 2800000 outside workers; second is to "guide the one hundred million issue of the nearest town" in the Midwest, Fuyang is also in the Midwest, and or a population size of 10 million 580 thousand agricultural big city; third is the transformation of one hundred million people live in shanty towns and villages ", Fuyang villages, shantytowns area of 40 square kilometers.